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Space Weather Alerts

We examine solar activity daily and forecast if this is likely to have any geomagnetic effect on Earth.

If this 'space weather' indicates that a large magnetic storm is possible in the next few days we may send out a space weather alert.

You can keep an eye on the current geomagnetic activity levels for yourself.

You can sign-up to receive a Geomagnetic Disturbance Alert email or follow us on Twitter to get daily space weather forecasts or occasional aurora alerts.

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An archive of previous geomagnetic disturbance alert emails are available to see what they are like.

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See who's talking about the aurora!

GeoSocial logo.

Do you want to see who's talking about aurora right now in the UK? GeoSocial - Aurora is a new a web mapping tool that searches social media such as Twitter for posts related to aurora sightings and locates them as markers on a map. During a geomagnetic storm we hope this experimental system will help show where people are currently seeing the northern lights.


Past Space Weather Alerts

Links to previous space weather alerts issued by BGS.