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Schumann Resonances

New Model: BGGM2019

Virtual Observatories

Is the Madden-Julian Oscillation reliably detectable in Schumann Resonances?

In a new paper published, we investigated the variation of the recorded Schumann Resonances to see if we could detect the subtle changes due to the atmospheric phenonmenon known as the Madden-Julian Oscillation using six years of induction coil data from Eskdalemuir Observatory.

Capturing the small-scale magnetic field in BGGM2019

We recently released a new high-resolution magnetic field model - BGGM 2019. We have enhanced the crustal field component of the model, improving the resolution at the Earth's surface from 300 km to around 30 km.

Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories

We have been awarded a new contract from ESA. In collaboration with DTU Space we will create a new product - Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories - using Swarm satellite data.

New GIC service

We monitor the geomagnetic field to provide near-real-time information about geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) and the risk to ground based technology. We have developed a new service to give a measure of GIC risk in the UK.

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About BGS Geomagnetism

The Geomagnetism team measures, records, models and interprets variations in the Earth’s natural magnetic fields.

Our data and expertise help to develop scientific understanding of change in the Earth and the environment, from deep within the core out into space.

We also provide geomagnetic products and services to industry and to academic colleagues and we use our knowledge for information and education.

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Find out what the current global geomagnetic activity level is.