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Falmouth Magnetic Observatory (1887 - 1912)

Map of Falmouth Observatory Location

Map of Falmouth Location

Though there had been a meteorological observatory in Falmouth since 1867, it was not until 1886 that self-recording magetographs (based on the Kew pattern) were installed there. These were situated in a magentic chamber in the main building, which fell victim to periodic flooding, with absolute observations being made in a hut in the garden.

Throughout its existence, the observatory suffered for want of secure funding. Although initially set up by the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, it was heavily reliant on grants from the Royal Society and the British Association for its continued operation.

In 1912 magnetic observations ceased to be made at the site when the Kew pattern magnetographs were moved to the new observatory at Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands.

The BGS possesses records from Falmouth observatory from 1887 to 1912.


Geographic Coordinates:

50° 09´ N 354° 55´ E


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