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Jim Carrigan Magnetic Observatory

Photo of Jim Carrigan Observatory

Photo of Jim Carrigan working at the observatory

Map of Alaska showing location of Prudhoe Bay

Jim Carrigan Observatory is located at T-Pad, a man-made raised gravel bed close to the drilling sites at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The observatory huts are raised from the tundra on four piles, set into the permafrost with sand and water, to prevent drifting snow from banking against the hut sides.

This is the fourth overseas geomagnetic observatory to be established by BGS. The installation was undertaken on behalf of Haliburton (Sperry Drilling), in support of directional drilling programmes. SDS has operated a prototype station since 1997 and building on its success a high-resolution observatory was installed by BGS in October 2003.


Geographic Coordinates:

70.356° N 211.201° E

Geomagnetic Coordinates:

70.386° N 256.467° E


20m above mean sea level

Geomagnetic coordinates are approximations calculated using the 12th generation IGRF at epoch 2015.5.