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Ascension Island Magnetic Observatory

Photo of absolute Observations at Ascension Island Observatory

Photo  of  Ascension Island Observatory

Map of Ascension Island

The Ascension Island magnetic observatory is situated 40m outside the perimeter fence of the Cable and Wireless Earth Station, Donkey Plain, on the south-west side of the site.

The observatory was installed by the British Geological Survey with financial support from a consortium of oil companies and became operational in September 1992.

We also support the operation of a British Antarctic Survey VLF Radio Wave Detector as part of a worldwide network of lightning detectors.

Ascension Island magnetic observatory is part of the INTERMAGNET network.


Geographic coordinates:

7.949° S 345.624° E

Geomagnetic coordinates:

2.809° S 057.530° E


177m above mean sea level

Geomagnetic coordinates are approximations calculated using the 12th generation IGRF at epoch 2015.5.