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The BGS Geomagnetism Team produces software for viewing, analysing and checking geomagnetic data collected by the International Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network (Intermagnet). IMCDview works with data in Intermagnet Archive Format (IAF - https://www.intermagnet.org/data-donnee/formatdata-eng.php) and provides the ability to view and export the data to other formats, as well as display metadata about observatories. The GM_Convert software is a tool dealing with conversion between a wide range of data formats that are common in the Geomagnetic community. The DataCheck1s program allows you to make comparisons between 1-minute and 1-second Geomagnetic data.

Data for use with IMCDview can be obtained from Intermagnet data publications:

From 2015 onwards the entire definitive data set from Intermagnet is updated and published annually. This data set is called the Intermagnet Reference Data Set (IRDS). For more information see the Intermagnet web pages: https://intermagnet.github.io/

By downloading this software you agree to the terms and conditions for BGS Intermagnet Software Downloads.

Available Software Downloads

In order to run current versions of BGS software for Intermagnet you will need a minimum of version 11 of the Java Virtual Machine. There are many places where you can find the neccessary Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for your computer. BGS use Java Virtual Machines from Eclipse Adoptium for development of Java software.

IMCDViewer (full installer)

IMCDViewer graphically displays Intermagnet data time series for minute, hour, daily, monthly and annual means. The user can navigate between observatories, dates and components. There is some facility to import data in alternative formats, however GM_Convert is the preferred way to do this.

It is best to install IMCDVewer with the full installation which will include a java virtual machine. However, if you already have java installed and are short of space, the jar file below can be downloaded instead.
IMCDViewer (full installer)

IMCDViewer (jar file)

This is the same application as above but does not include the java virtual machine (JVM). If the JVM on the target machine differs from the bundled JVM in the full installation above, then the IMCDViewer program may not behave as expected.
VersionDownloadRelease Notes
1.97-SNAPSHOT imcdview-1.97-SNAPSHOT.jar ReleaseNotes-1.97-SNAPSHOT.txt
1.97 imcdview-1.97.jar ReleaseNotes-1.97.txt
1_95 imcdview-1_95.jar  

GM_Convert (jar file)

GM_Convert allows for conversion between the following geomagnetic data formats: IAGA2002, Intermagnet Format (IMF), Internagnet CDF format, Intermagnet Archive Format (IAF), and World Data Centre format (WDC). Two interfaces are provided to the software, the first a graphical interface (in the form of a conversion "wizard"), the second a command line interface allowing conversions to be automated in scripts.
VersionDownloadRelease Notes
1.6 gm_convert-1.6.jar ReleaseNotes-1.6.txt

DataCheck1s (jar file)

The DataCheck1s software allows comparisons to be made between 1-minute data and 1-second data from the same observatory. The 1-minute data is considered a reference data set for the comparison and is expected to have been previously checked by other methods. Support for input formats is limited (IAF for 1-minute data, IAGA-2002 for 1-second data). This program was intended as a 'stop gap' until more comprehensive quality control software can be produced.
VersionDownloadRelease Notes
1.5 DataCheck1s-1.5.jar ReleaseNotes-1.5.txt
1.3 DataCheck1s-1.3.jar ReleaseNotes-1.3.txt
1.2_02 DataCheck1s-1.2_02.jar ReleaseNotes-1.2_02.txt