Geomagnetic Model Web Service: Parameters

URL details:

    <server> = the hostname of the web server
    <cgi> = the URL path to the 'GMModels' script

See the models help page for valid values for the 'model' and 'revision' parameters

Query string details:

Name      | Units      | Default    | Description
latitude  | Decimal    | 0.0        | The latitude where magnetic values are requested.
          | degrees    |            | If altitude is used latitude is geodetic. If radius
          |            |            | is used this is geocentric.
longitude | Decimal    | 0.0        | The longitude where magnetic values are requested.
          | degrees    |            |
altitude  | Decimal    | 0.0        | The height above WGS84 spheroid surface where
          | km         |            | magnetic values are requested.
depth     | Decimal    | altitude   | The depth below WGS84 spheroid surface - an
          | km         |            | alternative to altitude - don't use both
radius    | Decimal    | altitude   | The radial distance from the centre of the earth.
          | km         |            | An alternative to altitude/depth and for geocentric
          |            |            | coordinates. Don't use altitude or depth when radius
          |            |            | is used. Not available with the BGGM or BGGMERR.
year      | Decimal    | 2016.0     | The year for which magnetic field values are
          | year       |            | requested.
date      | Date       | 2016.0     | The date when magnetic field values are requested
          | yyyy-mm-dd |            | in the form yyyy-mm-dd. An alternative to year.
          |            |            | Don't use both.
format    | N/A        | Use html   | The format to return values. Overrides the HTML
          |            | ACCEPT     | ACCEPT header.

Only one of altitude, depth or radius should be specified.

Depth or altitude values may be optionally followed by a suffix to change the units: 'm' for metres, 'ft' for feet, 'km' for kilometres (the default).

Valid formats are XML, JSON, CSV, TXT and HTML. The default is HTML

Help information is available at:


Valid help topics are 'general', 'models' and 'parameters'. The only valid help parameter is 'format' which may be 'text' or 'html'

To see general information about this web service the 'general' help page

To see information about models view the 'models' help page